• " Glamourous Results "

    Imparting a naturally magnetic, facinatingly attractive quality! Ratti's products deliver real results leveraging the the good science of beauty to make the body naturally beautiful and glamorous! It's not something you just make-up.

  • " Scientific Excellence "

    Deep understanding of biology is at the core of Ratt's innovations. Discovering the root-cause of cosmetic concerns, Ratti developes integrated solutions for difficult to solve cosmetic problems and by leveraging the body's very natural processes, Ratti ensures that its products are not only effective but truly safe!

  • " State of the Art "

    Sophisticated products require equally sophisticated technology to come to life. Utilizing advanced technologies sourced from across the globe, anti-bacterial, anti-viral clean environments, minimum human involvement and maximum automation along with a series of tight quality control processes assure ultimate consumer safety and high quality for truly state of the art products.

  • " Premium brands, real brand value "

    Great brand value doesn't come from how much of the name people recognize, but how much of the brand's promise they realize! Ratti’s premium products with real results create real brands with tangible value - Lumineye™, Vedology™, Hydraflux™, Waterburst™, Private-Brite™, Sunnybuns™, Naturable™, Glomega™, Handsan™, Bio-Appropriate™, Purever™, Moisturight™, being just the few...

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“Performance Cosmeceuticals”

Ratti Corporation is a young company involved in the research & development of personal care products with emphasis on developing high end cosmetics and performance cosmeceuticals.

Focusing on creating ground breaking products we are a research driven company with a vision to produce innovative products that have a significant positive impact on people’s lives.

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“Scientific Excellence.”

Deep knowledge of Biology is at the core of Ratti's innovations. Ratti focusses on specific issues concerning the skin and develops integrated solutions through a logical discovery process.

This is done by first understanding the root-cause of the problem and then working up from there through a combinatory approach involving cellular biology, molecular bio-chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, formulation technology, bioactive technology and extensive quality analysis and validation to finally developing a novel therapeutic solution that provides effective, safe and long-lasting results.

Ratti's Research Labs use some of the most sophisticated analytical and process instruments available and rare materials sourced from over the world that when combined with its deep knowledge of bio-sciences, deliver unprecedented research outcomes that lead to equally revolutionary and premium range products that really work.



“Cutting-Edge, Edge to Edge.”

Ratti's primary manufacturing facility situated in Gurgaon, Haryana part of India's National Capital Region (NCR) is a newly built State-of-the-art facility spread over a combined area of 7,500 Square Feet and made to match some of the most stringent global safety and quality standards available.

Utilizing cutting edge process equipment and its entire manufacturing accomplished under pharmaceutical grade ISO Standardized Clean-Room environments along with a host of quality control processes to keep all of its inputs and outputs in check, the facility keeps in-line with one of Ratti's core values of "delivering excellence in quality equating to luxury standards at all levels." 


Eliminate Pigmentation

Leading the way in High Performance Skin Care, Melblok is a Premium Skin Care brand for Pigmentation Prone Skin.

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Custom Research

“Easily fulfil your toughest product requirements.”

Exploit Ratti Corporation's expertise in biology, the toughest chemistry and sophistication in design to meet your most demanding product requirements. Even if your requirement is basic, Ratti will make it perform to its maximum.

Whether you have a market driven, competition driven, or better yet, a real results driven formulation demand for any level of brand positioning, let Ratti develop an original customized solution for you for a truly ground-breaking product. Understanding your requirement and then developing your formulation through exhaustive Research, Development, screening and trials while keeping in mind usage specific claims and regulatory compliance, Ratti can provide a turn-key solution to your ready-to-scale development needs.

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