About Us

Ratti Corporation is a young company involved in the research & development of personal care products, specifically high end cosmetics and performance cosmeceuticals. Focusing on creating ground breaking products we are a research driven company with a vision to produce innovative products that have a significant positive impact on people’s lives.



Karan Ratti

( Founder Director & CSO )

Karan is a Masters of Science (MS) Graduate in Biology from New York University, with research specialization in Regenerative & Cellular Dermatology and Hair Biology. Karan also studied at the NYU Stern School of Business taking special interest in leadership and business development.

While in India, Karan has worked at the Organ Retrieval and Banking Organization (ORBO) of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi; the department of Molecular Biology at the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB), New Delhi; as well as in the department of Research and Development & Analytical and Formulation at Biocon Limited, Bangalore, where he put focus in the fields of Stem Cell biology, molecular biology and downstream processing respectively. While in New York, in addition to being part of the NYU Graduate School of Arts & Science as well as the NYU Stern School of Business, Karan held the position of an Adjunct Instructor of Undergraduate Genetics at the College of Arts and Science in New York University. He also worked in the Department of Dermatology and Cell biology at the NYU Langone Medical Center where he was distinguished for his work there in uncovering the role of signalling mechanisms governing adult hair formation.

Karan founded Ratti Corporation upon returning to India. His motive behind establishing Ratti is his vision to revolutionize the way personal care products are researched, developed and marketed so as to provide their users with dramatic results and not just dramatic claims. Which is why Karan personally heads both R&D and Brand building at Ratti while overseeing all marketing. The core direction of Ratti stems from the words "Essential Results & Outstanding Quality".


Apart from food and fashion, there is probably no other industry out there with more variety in products than the cosmetics industry, which is remarkable considering that they all address issues of just this one organ called the "Skin". More and more companies are bringing out ever more products claiming to be the miracle cure to many of the same skin concerns that people have had for as far as history can recall. Yet, any person with experience in using skin care products can relate to the fact that most products don't really hold true to their claims. And to make matters worse, this multi-billion dollar industry shows no signs of changing. Are there thousands of treatments for a dysfunctional liver? Or hundreds of medicines for a broken bone? Then why are there 'Millions' of cosmetic products for the skin when the cosmetic concerns that arise are only a few?

In this ever diversifying world where laxity in regulations, marketing claims and disclosure have resulted in an industry largely on a free-run, Ratti believes in Ethical cosmetics. Standing out from the crowd and addressing actual cosmetic concerns through novel research and innovation addressing the fundamentals of skin problems while trying to surpass globally recognized safety and quality standards, Ratti aims to deliver products and solutions of premium quality and high-performance for real results.

Culture & Values

"Values govern our thoughts and actions; those in turn govern our culture."

Following are the list of Values that Ratti holds closely and considers necessary to effectively carry out its mission.

Ratti is driven by perfection through innovation and gives strong priority to results.

Ratti strives for perfection, but also knows that nothing is ever perfect because perfection is not a target that one achieves, rather, it is the perpetual habit of becoming better while continually producing results that are seamless. Ratti relies on constant innovation both incremental and radical with the intention of delivering real results as the approach towards perfection.

Ratti admires and fosters mutual respect, fairness, friendliness, co-operation and fun.

The distinction between customers, employees and various Ratti stake holders exist only on paper, not in Ratti’s mentality. Mutual respect, fairness, friendliness and co-operation between all people engaged with or within Ratti, in a manner to be fun for everyone is what Ratti believes to be the right way towards edification, growth, and well-being.

Ratti delivers excellence of quality equating to luxury standards at all levels.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a matter of habit." This idea is held at the core of Ratti’s values. Quality equating to luxury standards in all areas of its working ensures that Ratti maintains high standards and is in the process, gratifying for everyone.

Ratti strives to work in the benefit of humanity by caring for and investing in all of its stake holders.

In congruence with its other values, Ratti believes in the equality of all people and unity in diversity. In that light, Ratti helps people from all demographics irrespective of social norms, cast, gender or religion to grow and reach their best potential.

Ratti cares for the Planet and all life on it.

The planet is why we are! Ratti promotes planet consciousness in everyone close to it and by inculcating planet friendly practices in its employees while encouraging them to inculcate the same in those close to them, endeavours to help protect our planet. Good health, peace and harmony with nature, result in one’s own upliftment, physically, mentally and spiritually. Ratti seeks to inculcate this value in all those it deals with.