Custom Research

Easily fulfil your toughest product requirements.

Exploit Ratti Corporation's expertise in biology, the toughest chemistry and sophistication in design to meet your most demanding product requirements. Even if your requirement is basic, Ratti will make it perform to its maximum.

Our Research Process


Necessity is the mother of creation, which is why the first step in Ratti's customized research is to identify your requirements and priorities in detail. Inputs such as what biological function do you want the product to perform, product range you wish to develop, your brand's positioning, cost per unit, packaging needs, etc., all the way down to how the product looks and beyond are taken into account and noted.

Research & Planning

A thorough analysis is done on your requirements and the priorities for your product development. A basic framework for meeting the requirements is planned.


Based on the research and planning phase, a product and solution concept is thought of and assembled. The concept goes through several rounds of feasibility studies and virtualisation before crystalizing into the most effective and workable idea for your requirements to take shape.


Once the concept is approved, selection and sourcing raw materials begins including options, grades, best suppliers, etc.


With all prerequisites in place, the development phase is initiated where the actual creation work starts. Utilizing Ratti's expertise in biology, chemistry and design, an exhaustive number of prototypes are developed and tested for conformity to the final concept.


The most promising prototypes from the development phase are sent though the validation process where they are tested against input parameters and Ratti's internal quality control standards to screen out the highest performing product for finalization.

Packaging Selection

Depending on the finalized product, the most appropriate packaging is selected to ensure the product meets the all requirements of design, consumer friendliness and durability.

Clinical Trials

Ratti helps conduct stringent clinical trials of the finalized products depending upon the nature of the product to ensure adherence to claims and geo-specific regulations.


The finalized prototype are profiled for their characteristics and a detailed report is prepared identifying all relevant details of the finished products.

Scale-up Design & Technology Transfer

Ratti helps you scale-up the product for your production facility and batch capacities to ensure a smooth and quick transition from R&D to commercialization.

Claim Recognition

Once your formulation is developed depending on clinical trials, initial requirements or emergent features of the finished product we recognize and validate claims that express the full benefit of your product.


With the discovery and creation of your revolutionary new products through Ratti's domain expertise, the fully finalized products are handed over with everything you need to get started right away and market the best your customers will ever experience.

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